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DigitalMeta, s.r.o. provides hosting, consulting and support for systems running SAP Applications.


We are a dedicated team of professionals that has successfully cooperated together over many years. Our IT specialists have 5+ years of SAP experience.


Each employee is fully equipped with a plethora of knowledge in terms of solution architecture, process automation and integration skills as well as great problem solving abilities.


Our passion for modern technologies combined with diligent service delivery and strong results orientation is a key to our customers’ success.



Our goal is to make you forget about technical aspects of SAP software

Sample Offers


Included base services and options:
5 hours of support services per month for free
Tailored firewall rules
VM snapshots on request
System availability monitoring
Additional options:
Customer-specific support
Application and customer specific monitoring
Contact us for specific offer.


The words that come to mind about DigitalMeta within 10 seconds are:
- diligent
- capable
- competent
- knowledgeable
- dedicated
- put customer first
- honest
- delightful customer experience
We have consistently been well and faithfully supported in all our endeavors,
and consider DigitalMeta valued partner!

David Silverman
CTO and co-Founder, eSpline LLC, an SAP CPQ specialist
DigitalMeta are hosting the SAP environment we use
to develop and demonstrate our CPQ offering with SAP integration.
Their engagement, competence and willingness to support us
has been a major factor in our product development.
Not only did they set up and keep maintaining our instances,
but they also provide help with certain SAP-specific knowledge
helping us overcome the obstacles.
We are looking forward to long-term cooperation.

Magnus Gillberg
Vice President R&D; Tacton Systems AB

Use Cases


Who Are You?

SAP Prospective Partner
Use Case Partner’s Software Development
Your qualifications Your company is developing own software and aims at building of the add-ons for SAP Business Solutions or wishes to benefit from SAP Analytical capabilities (HANA).
How we can help you? First, we can identify required software products and assist you with selection of respective package of a SAP partner development program. Then we can install corresponding applications on our hosting and provide you with an access to them. You will be free of technical support difficulties so that you can fully concentrate on your product development. We can also assist you with building integration in between SAP and your own products.
What will be required from your side? First, you will have to sign consultancy/hosting contract with our company. Then you will have to apply for selected package on the following website. In this way, we will be able to support you and build your landscape in accordance with your needs.
SAP Customer
Use Case Test/Demo systems Technical support
Technical support
A2A/B2B integration
Your qualifications You want to evaluate new SAP solutions or build PoC, but you are not interested in allocation of your own hardware/IT resources for this purpose. You have complex SAP landscape and need expert’s advice or require fast resolution of technical problems. Running SAP systems on PAAS/SAAS basis. You need to integrate your SAP and/or 3rd party systems on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios.
How we can help you? We can quickly spin up a system of your choice and grant you public access to it. We can also establish VPN connection with your on-premises infrastructure and enable integration with existing test systems. Our technical experts will be happy to solve your problems. We can help you to identify affected component and prepare support message/request for vendor (OS/DB/SAP application) in challenging situations. We can migrate your existing systems to our cloud hosting or install them from scratch when it comes to new landscapes/apps. We can also assist you with migration to 3rd party cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean etc. We can migrate your existing systems to our cloud hosting or install them from scratch when it comes to new landscapes/apps. We can also assist you in migration to 3rd party cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, Digital, Ocean, etc. We can assist you with technical configuration and advice on infrastructure changes (network/operating system). Aside from technical part, we can also provide consultancy/project services in terms of standard SAP integration technologies (RFC/ALE) and using popular middleware (SAP PI/PO or MuleSoft ESB).
What will be required from your side? You will subscribe for specific hosting plan matching selected system requirements and provide corresponding license for SAP software you want to use. You will sign support contract and provide us with access to your on-premises systems. You will sign support contract and provide us with access to your cloud provider/systems. You will sign consulting contract.
Any questions? See our FAQ.
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