1How do you differ from other SAP hosting providers?
Currently we are targeting only small and midsize companies, seeking comfortable environment to learn, extend or use SAP applications. Thus, we do not provide access to individuals in shared environment and at the lowest possible price. However, we can provide our clients with secure and convenient access to dedicated systems, which will be isolated from other customers.
Significant part of our offer implies provision of technical support and advising integration matters. We can help you to integrate processes and systems, getting the most of your third-party and SAP applications. Also, we can help our customers to solve technical problems related to use of SAP systems such as slow performance, application and system bugs, and security vulnerabilities.
As our client, you will get a high-quality service and all your needs will be addressed at a reasonable price.
2Do you provide licenses for SAP solutions (especially for developers)?
Neither do we resell nor rent SAP user licenses at the moment.
Nevertheless, nowadays it is easy to get access to SAP products by subscribing to proprietary application partner development program called “SAP PartnerEdge - Build”. Participation in this program enables evaluation and extension of SAP products as well as includes the licenses for software developers (for more information, see here).
3Which operating systems are available for use with SAP applications?
Two factors determine the choice of operating system to work with:
1. Availability of the OS support by corresponding SAP product. Registered SAP customers and partners can check this information here.
2. Availability of license for corresponding OS and provision of support by our hosting. Primarily we host our systems using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Should you need another distribution of Linux or Windows Server, please request a quote from us.
4Which databases are available for use with SAP applications?
The following databases are available in corresponding innovation packages of the program “SAP PartnerEdge - Build”:
Database Innovation package
Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server Not available in specific innovation pack, but can be unlocked for partners on BYOL term.
5What SAP products are you able to support?
We provide technical support for SAP Business Suite systems (ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM) as well as SAP NetWeaver systems (BW, EP, PI/PO).
Please note that we are rapidly expanding our core competencies to cover the most frequently used products. Should you struggle with finding the product of your interest, please kindly leave your request using the contact form or bookmark our website and wait for this section to be updated.
6How do you ensure secure access to hosted systems?
Preferred option is to establish VPN access to our hosted systems and landscapes. We support the following technologies for this purpose:
• OpenVPN;
• IPsec;
• L2TP/IPsec;
• IKEv2;
• Tinc.
Alternatively, we can ensure availability of selected services such as web servers and SAP GUI endpoints by means of direct use of public IP/DNS addresses.
All publicly exposed HTTP endpoints are protected with TLS protocol using trusted SSL certificates
*Got more questions? Feel free to use our contact form to ask them!